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Bayonetta 2 has for recent memory been my favourite game of all time. I love the speed of it’s fighting, the variety of gameplay that doesn’t distract from the action game it is, the ridiculousness of the bosses, and it’s tongue and cheek humour. It’s a mature game that holds the concept that gameplay matters above all else like Nintendo titles.

So with a Japanese developed DMC coming out, and all the reviewers going mad about it, I decided to try it out as the series that Bayonetta was born from.

Starting it up, there are obvious similarities between the two- the almost linear path, the combo system, the upgrading, the support characters, and obviously the fact you’re fighting giant demon things with weird designs. The humour is similar. But Devil May Cry 5 isn’t as concise as B2. There’s a lot more wandering around and a lot less set piece fights. The combat isn’t as fast and the dodge mechanic isn’t as important to use as Witchtime. The music is full on metal instead of the catchy Pop behind Bayonetta. Obviously the graphics are fantastic and sometimes almost lifelike, but the designs are not as iconic as Bayonetta. I like the game, but it still isn’t as good as Bayonetta 2. Where B2 is a 10, DMC5 is an 8.

I’m curious to see what other people think?

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I'll wait until the price drops a little. The demo didn't impress me at all tbh, and Sony's exclusives have taught me not to buy into hype/what the "mainstream" considers great.

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Ya I’ve never liked DMC as much as Bayonetta. Same for God of War (the old style). It just isn’t as good.

That being said, it’s a relative comparison. DMC is still an excellent series in its own right, and compared to other games is certainly a standout. It’s only when compared to Bayonetta that it seems to fall short.

Pretty sure the HD Trilogy is coming to Switch, as leaked by someone with a respectable track record. I’ll play the heck out of those games on Switch. I got the new one on Xbox but I haven’t even installed it yet. Got the HD Collection and DMC and DMC4 as well. It’s a shame so many great games are left unplayed because they are on a console that just doesn’t suit me anymore

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Either way, we're comparing two of the best action games of all time, I'm personally not gonna sweat the details and just enjoy what they both do well. They don't make games like this anymore, so I'll enjoy it while I can.

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Havent played a DMC game in years, would love it if we got some of those on Switch. But Bayonetta has become one of my fav video game protagonists since I played the first game those many years ago. Shes just so damn sexy!

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Not impressed by Dmc 5. The action of the first and second games was better. I agree which Bayo 2 is a lot better than any Dmc. I dont like the visuals of the characters and the voices of dmc 5 too. the voice acting is worst even than arc rise fantasia from wii.

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Bayo for sure



DMC will sell better based on branding. Personally I’ve played all the DMC games to date and still think the two bayonetta games are better than the entire series.

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Bayo till the end.



Haven't played DMC5 yet, but I consider Bayonetta to be the best ideas from DMC and Viewtiful Joe mashed together into one glorious masterpiece.

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