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When the Nintendo Switch was announced to have a paid Online service, my heart sank. I had been planning to play a lot of Turf War in the new Splatoon. Now the service has finally come out, and I'm not gonna lie, it's absolutely terrible. Let's start with the main feature: Online. The best parts of Splatoon and it's sequel are the Online modes. This is the same case with titles such as Mario Tennis Aces, ARMS and many others. The main problem is that the service runs on a Peer-2-Peer connection. This means that if I have good Internet yet someone else has terrible Internet, it's cloudy with a chance of disconnections. When the NSO service came out, many people thought it would bring Dedicated Servers along with it. But surprise, this was not the case. So basically, now you have to pay AU$30 a year for the same mediocre Peer-2-Peer connections. Next up are the NES games. Nintendo has a golden legacy of games. Each console has had a fair number of hits. These would be offered as downloadable titles via the Wii, 3DS and Wii U Virtual Console. Furthermore, Nintendo also released two Classic Edition systems, both being affordable ways to enjoy Nintendo's best from the NES and SNES consoles. Now Nintendo has thrown that away and are now giving us a very slow drip-feed of 3 NES games a month, which you can only access if you have a subscription. In other words, Virtual Console/Classic Edition > NES: NSO. This brings us to the Cloud Saves. Hurray! We finally got cloud saves. This means I can take my Switch out and about without fear of losing my 140+ hours of Super Mario Odyssey and 105+ hours of LEGO City Undercover! But what about all my Spla2n gear? My campaign progress? Gone, because Nintendo was like 'Hey Splatoon players! We know we told you we were gonna bring Cloud Saves with NSO, but we decided to screw you over because of a small number of hackers we forgot to ban. Stay Fresh!' Nintendo, that's like telling me to sell my copy of Spla2n and stick with the Wii U original. Then there's the Smartphone App. Just terrible. That's all I can say. And finally, we have the 'Special Offers'. The only 'Offers' are AU$70 NES Controllers and some Spla2n gear I can't guarantee will be safe. That's about it. Nintendo, if you're reading this, please fix NSO or at least make it free again. I'm begging you.

Own up to Joy-Con Drift, Nintendo. We all know it's your fault


This reminds me, I should play some Smash online. Either that, or another week in Tecmo Bowl.

@TheAwesomeBowser If you’ve really got the urge to share your opinion on NSO, why not just do it in the NSO thread?


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gettin real tired of these threads 😒

I'll be your 1up girl

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This is your last warning.

Use the Nintendo switch online thread.

If you create another thread to complain about the same thing, you will be banned.

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