Topic: Is this Game not played at all or something?

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So since ive picked the game up there wasnt a single time i created a room and had to wait less than half an hour until one person joined that didnt even wanted to do what the room was about. be it hellblade glav or some G quets.
So does anyone know if something changed about what rooms people see with the search filter or is the game just not played that much in europe i never had to wait this long in any mh game bfore not even in mh4u 3 years after its realease.



If you're asking if people play Monster Hunter on Switch online, I was just playing some today and there's a ton of people. We'd have a full lobby, someone would leave, and within two minutes someone else would show up to take their spot.

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thats true but it takes a lot longer to get a room started than in previous games but after playing a bit more i get your point.



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