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Hey I can't seem to find the main thread anymore, so if anyone wants to be my friend than chat on here:

FC: 1393-1015-3819
Name: Victoria
Town: Mable
Fruit: Apples, Oranges, bananas, & Mangos
Looking for: Villager Prince, other fruits

3DS Friend Code: 1393-1015-3819
Switch Friend Code: SW-3469-8261-5121


The thread is still here.
Quick, before this thread will be closed.

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

Switch Friend Code: SW-8364-7166-5608 | 3DS Friend Code: 2638-4872-0879 | Nintendo Network ID: TAGunderground


@Anti-Matter thanks!

3DS Friend Code: 1393-1015-3819
Switch Friend Code: SW-3469-8261-5121


3DS friend code: 3970-0902-2118

I'll add you back once you can tell me you've got my fc.

Tamagotchi are cool and so are you!

3DS friend code: 3970-0902-2118
Name: Hanna
We can play Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing NL together!

Xbox: AcidSerpent55


Since the current New Leaf friend code thread is still revving up with FC exchanges, let's continue to exchange friend codes there instead of this one which will be locked.

NL's #1 kangaroo fan of SpongeBob Squarepants and Ristar!

Aren't LUCARIO's paws adorable? (MOAR adorable than all of the Eevee'z)

Rev up those fryers! MY LEG!

Also created Sheldon & Mr. Randoms on flipnote hatena, it was a series which I MADE!

I'M SwElLtAsTiC!

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