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I tried to write a review but when I clicked submit review nothing happened! Help! I'm putting my review here so I don't lose it!

This game deserves your attention weather your a Mario fan or not, this game is a masterpiece! Now I'll get into the game.
Now the story is what you'd expect, but a little different this time around! It starts much like how it ends, which is some really cool foreshadowing. Mario's fighting bowser, but Mario loses! And than Bowser says he's going to marry peach and its up to you to save her! Than you run into cappy, a ghost hat who will help you on your quest.
The controls of the game are great and Mario plays as good as ever! He may be a little slower than in galaxy but all his new moves such as the roll and ground pound jump diffidently make up for it! And cappy controls vary well as well, but he'll take some getting use to.

Now for the meat of the game, the gameplay! The stars are gone! Instead of you running around collecting stars, you collect moons. Another cool thing is that you can keep going after you got the moon. There's also a lot of awesome costumes to buy and there awesome!Also, throughout the kingdoms, you get to "capture" a bunch of baddies and use there abilities to get more stars! Which is amazing! In the main game you have a main objective and you can choose to do it, or wander off the path a bit. And the main objective is usually a boss, which are at least as good as galaxy's. Speaking of bosses, the final boss in my opinion was almost as good as it was in the galaxy's but this games twist at the end made it even better! And that's one of the things I love about this game. It suprises you at every turn on this grand adventure! Whenever you think its over, there's more to do! Now i'll discuss with you some of the things I didn't like and what others didn't. Some argue its too short, and while I wish the main story was longer, after you beat the main story is where the game truly starts and it took me a few months to beat. Another complaint is that its too easy. All I can say without giving you spoilers is that once you beat the game, the games a LOT harder. One more complaint is the motion controls, but there really not bad. You mostly just shake it once (Which I did in handheld, and docked.) and in handheld its annoying but other than that its fine.
Now I hope I comvinced you to buy it. You HAVE to buy this and breath of the wild if you own a switch. Its a requirement! It has brought me the most fun I've had in a long time with a game and was truly, an Odyssey.

I am a Big Nintendo fan and spend much of my freetime playing Mario, Zelda and more! My other hobby is my Gaming website, GamingTelescope and looking at Gaming News on NintendoLife!

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