Topic: Will putting stickers on the back of my switch hurt it?

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I went to the Nintendo Holiday Experience in Orlando a couple days ago, and won some stickers. I put the pokey sticker on the back of my switch. Could it damage my system?

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Depends on the sticker... Paper stickers that discolor or tear will probably leave ugly marks once you remove them.

Some glues are also more difficult to clean than others. Some may not leave residue at all, others might leave a permanent stain.

Puffy stickers and other 3D things, like rhinestones might internefere with the dock.

Try to test your stickers somewhere else, like on a phone case or book cover, and see how they handle daily use and how cleanly they remove.

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@Yosheel Well, I don't plan on removing the sticker ever. So, I think it'll be fine. Pretty sure it's one of those stickers you put on a car. Very sticky stuff.

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As long as you don't block the rear air vents then it shouldn't cause any damage beyond leaving a sticky residue if the stickers peel off.

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