Topic: Which Websites have you Catalogued all your Switch games?

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I'm preparing to go through my collection and load all my games into websites. But I have a large collection so I'd rather do them all at the same time. So far I've decided to load them in on:

  • Nintendo Life
  • Deku Deals
  • IGN's Playlist

Is there anything else you use that you'd suggest?




I've used backloggery for years to keep a history od games. Glitchwave also has some potential but I can't be bothered re-adding all my stuff there. I don't use any gaming news sites to store this stuff mostly because that's not really what their sites are good at

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Just Deku Deals. I can catalogue my current games and keep track of wishlist and sales/price drops of games on said wishlist. Such a great site.


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I use Deku Deals and HowLongToBeat, but the latter is just because I like to have my game collections of different consoles in one place and create manual cross-platform lists. If it were just Switch games I cared about, I'd stick to purely DekuDeals.



I used to catalogue, rate, review and make rankings on GameFAQs.
Haven't used the site in years but I just checked and it still looks the same, so maybe that's one you could try out.



Probably just here to be honest XD

There is a specific site I use to keep track of my Shiny Pokemon though called Poketch ShinyHunt. It allows you to keep track of encounters, number obtained and even your shiny living dex. I've been using it ever since Legends Arceus came out and it's served me very well in the time since.

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