Topic: What can Ninjala do to improve?

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There's something I want to ask you guys, what can Ninjala do to improve? 🤔
I'm asking because I mentioned Ninjala before The Game Awards happened, in regards to it not receiving any nominees for The Game Awards, and someone said that Ninjala has "some serious issues", and it got me thinking about why people don’t like Ninjala.
I'm also asking here because I asked in the Ninjala Forum, but no one responded. I also made a Genshin Impact vs. Ninjala to see if I could get some answers regarding how Ninjala can improve, in that Forum, but not many responded to it. I also created that Forum because I was trying to figure out why Genshin Impact has gotten more positive reception than Ninjala, even though they're both Free to Play games.
Third, I’m asking because I figured it would be a good time to ask since Season 4 just started yesterday.
Finally, I was also reading through the comments on previous Ninjala articles a couple of weeks ago, and people seemed pretty excited for it before it was released, so it makes me kind of sad (and confused) as to what happened to the hype of Ninjala.
Who knows, maybe an issue that you had with Ninjala at launch (or in the betas) has now been fixed? So, list any issues you have (or had) with Ninjala to see if it's been fixed. 🤔

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Please give Ninjala a chance, guys. 🤔
As @Sunsy said,
Ninjala Gang FOR LIFE!
Also, if I don't respond to your post within a day (or two), don't worry, I'm not ignoring you. I'm going to be busy, though I will do my best to respond in a timely fashion.


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