Topic: What 5 games must Nintendo launch the NX with?

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1. A Killer app- It doesnt matter if it's Mario, Zelda, Smash, etc. every Nintendo home platform but the Wii U launched with one (or within a month of one like the GC). Even if the NX is a handheld, this makes sense for its success
2. A smaller budget retail game. This is your Excite Truck, Luigi's Mansion, etc.
3. One or more non-casual/non-party 3rd Party exclusives
4. 90% or more of that season's multiplats
5. A game that shows what unique hardware features the platform has

This may seem like cheating, but at launch, it's not usually as much about the specific games as much as it's about the types of games.

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Does anybody know if Nintendo have started knocking on 3rd party doors with early dev kits?
Ive read that a lot of 3rd party devs feel a bit burnt by nintendo for one reason or another and im curious where the relationship between nintendo and large game developers is at the moment.

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I want 5 good games

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Can I make a thread what Nintendo should do for hardware after NX? There's 5 games I wanna see!!! sarcasm

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Whatever comes next, the eShop needs to transfer forward with all current games on the eShop available to the NX from day one.

My list of games for NX
1) Lego City 2
2) Time Splitters 4
3) Mario HD 3D All Stars - Bundled with system
4) Fire Emblem - Either new entry or an HD bundle of previous games
5) Non EA FIFA endorsed game

Second Holiday
1) MK9
2) Metroid
3) Bayonetta 3
4) Splatoon Wars
5) Advance Wars NX

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1. Ice Climber Cross (Am I the only one who reads it as En Cross rather than En Ex?) It culd be a good enough launch title that could demonstrate the capabilities of the new console, I... Guess (Okay, I just want an excuse for the Ice Climbers to be back in Sma5h).
2. F-Zero NX, guys, it's been like, 10 years, please?
3.Pokémon gen 7, it's Pokémon, do I need to say more?
4.Eternal Darkness Unrelenting Torture, a follow up to a GCN game, a truly unique psychological horror game which could make the NX stand out.
5. Zelda/Mario/Sma5h, it's going to happen.

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They need third party support, so that's goes under one label.
A proper Pokemon game, none of this ORAS or XY crap.
New IP/Tech Demo Like Product.
Mario is obviously going to be there.
Collaboration product.

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1-5: Good games you can't get elsewhere

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Here are the best games for an NX launch.

Super Smash Bros 5

A new 3D Mario(hopefully one that shows off the hardware)

F-Zero(New Entry with online play)

I can't think of the other two, although it should be games that show off the hardware and what it capable of.

Strong third-party support is paramount out of the gate. Nintendo needs to open the piggy bank and get major third-party games onto the NX. If they want to go a step further, try to get exclusive content for those games that can't be found on the PS4 and Xbox One.



CrazyOtto wrote:

Nobody knows if the NX is going to be a home console, handheld, or the "Fusion". If it's a handheld or the "Fusion" then 7th Generation Pokemon would be on my list.

Nobody knows if it's going to be hardware based. Keep in mind Amiibo is a "platform" by Nintendo's definition. It could be an Operating system, a USB streaming device paired to a controller, whatever. We do know it's going to be a dedicated video game platform, DeNA's expertise is being utilized, and it's intended to bridge mobile and console devices. Quite a few possibilities exist, and it may not mean the end for one of the two current generations, in fact given his comments on redefining what a platform is i think it's going to be something entirely different than just another console.

My guess up is an Operating System much like Steam where users can access Nintendo affiliated content to purchase for a compatible device, and even stream access to other games/files/content on linked Nintendo devices. They want to expand their presence in the smart device industry (PC, tablets, phone) while leveraging it to develop their current business and i think this would do this while fitting in with what information we know.



Advance Wars NXt.



The list would be very different depending on if it's a proper home console or a handheld.


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Lets presume it will be the home console or "hub" for all our nintendo software that can be used on various formats in different ways.
The nintendo hub has a ring too it dont you think?

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Considering we don't know what it is yet, it's kind of hard to ask.

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In no order:

  • Nintendo Kart
  • Port of Zelda U (if a home console)
  • Port of Zelda: ALBW (if a handheld, or if there's a new 3DS Zelda by that time, port of that)
  • Tech demo in the form of party game (like Nintendo Land, Game and Wario, etc)
  • New IP
  • A 3D Mario

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1. A game that uses the unique hardware in a new way.
2. A game that uses the unique hardware in an old way.
3. A game that shows off Nintendo's Online Functionality.
4. AAA Title exclusive to the system.
5. A Big 3rd party Title.

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IDK that the launch games are going to be that impressive, but here's what I want to see within a 1-2 year window:

-At least one Mario game, one of which isn't simply a sterilized level pack (i.e. no games like NSMB or 3D Land/3D World that are just generic Mario games with little to no thought put into the gameplay)
-Next gen Pokemon game that's playable on both handheld and console
-Mario Kart 9
-Some type of game that clearly demonstrates whatever gameplay innovation they came up with for this console, if one of the above doesn't do the job.

Other than that, I'd be happy to see anything good.


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Kirby Air Ride 2
New 3D Mario Game
New Donkey Kong Country
A game bringing back an old IP (Wave Race, 1080, something like that)
A unique game bundled with the systems that really takes advantage of any big new features.

That would be a pretty great launch imo!

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Assuming NX is a handheld/console hybrid, then these 5 games:

1. Main series Pokemon (Gen 8, as Gen 7 will likely still come on 3DS and be super short like Gen 5)
2. 3D Mario
3. Bayonetta 3
4. AAA 3rd party exclusive (Resident Evil? Mega Man? Shenmue 3?)
5. F-Zero NX (that could be the actual name too, even though the system obviously won't be called that)

There has to be promise of other major exclusives on the way, including a new Super Smash Bros and maybe a Bayo 2 type of announcement. I mean, Iwata walking on stage and saying "Sakurai's making a new Smash for both 3DS and Wii U" and nothing else got one of the best reactions they've had.

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While I myself am hoping (praying) that it is just a handheld a fusion type of console/portable would be interesting...I just doubt that Nintendo's online infrastructure is up to par and ready for that, but we shall see...2016 looks very, very interesting.
Anyway, here are my two "dream lists" for the NX
Handheld NX
1. 2D or (if we get really lucky) 3D Mario Platformer (Big name and big seller day one, a must no matter what the NX is)
2. Revived IP, built around the NX (kinda like Pilotwings Resort back with the 3DS launch)
3. New IP (doesn't need to be too fancy, just a good, solid game showing off the platform)
4. 3rd Party games (anything at this point)
5. Um.....Oh! An exclusive 3rd party game! (looking for ideas above me sure helped)

Console NX
1. 2D or 3D Mario (same as above)
2. All the big name 3rd party IP's they can get (if Fallout 4 game of the year edition exists by this point.......oh lord....NX day one)
3. At least 2 big name 3rd party exclusives
4. Revived/New IP (same as above)
5. And Lastly....Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition (a vain dream... )

If its a fusion great! Just cherry pick a few from both lists and we've got a good kit off and running! Either way I excited to see what the future holds.

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