Topic: Unable to use any cards on switch eshop (UK)

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I’ve had this problem for a few days ago. I have a load of cards - both debit and credit. All are valid and have funds but I am unable to use any of them . Just keep getting a “Please verify card details” message.

The only way I can purchase at the moment is by buying credit on CD Keys - which is a pain in the backside, particularly as I’m using the same card I want to use on the eshop anyway!

Anyone else having any issues.



I don't know the solution or cause to your problem since I don't use my debit card with the eShop unless I'm only adding a tiny bit in, but I just wanna say CD Keys is much better since you can save a bit with them. =P


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Had no trouble with using a card myself but you could try using a PayPal account. PayPal will just charge your card directly anyway so would work the same as using your card. Worth a go.

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