Topic: The characters that WON'T make it into Smash Ultimate

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Mr. Resetti and Dig Dug

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@SKTTR er. It was a joke. Slippy is liable to hurt himself like Pichu.


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@SonicMos There are plenty of movesets for Waluigi. Before Smash Ultimate I also didn't know that Waluigi had such a genuine fanbase. Even modders put him in a Smash hack - alongside other fan favourites Isaac, Chibi-Robo, and Geno, which I think is pretty cool. Here's hope for those characters to get into Smash 6. xD

Several polls from Smash reddit reveal that Waluigi, Pauline, and Geno are the most wanted Smash fighters from the Mario universe. The 4-star legendary ranking on their spirits or costumes in Ultimate suggest this as well.

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@SonicMos Waluigi's moves could reference the various Mario spin-offs he's in, e.g. Tennis and other sports games, Mario Party, etc. Much like how some of the more retro characters (and even Villager) have moves inspired by multiple game series.

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