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I'll go above and beyond and do it for every Nintendo console since the DS:

DS - Mario Kart DS won me over, the DS Lite revision got me to pick one up
Wii - Super Mario Galaxy won me over, Wii Sports got me at launch
3DS - Kid Icarus Uprising won me over, Ocarina of Time 3D got me to pick one up
Wii U - "HD Nintendo games" won me over, NintendoLand got me at launch (I wonder why it failed)
Switch - Super Mario Odyssey won me over, Zelda:BotW got me at launch

Octane wrote:

It's interesting if you compare that list with N64/GCN. Super Mario is suddenly number one and Zelda number two or something like that. Granted, Splatoon and the Wii games didn't exist back then. Even Pokemon scores pretty high on N64/GCN, number 4 or 5 from what I can tell.

For the most part it's still the same suspects. Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing and the flagship Mario game. They just get shuffled around a bit and/or replaced by something new depending on which demographics grab onto the platform. The N64 was a local multiplayer party box for kids, the GC was more of a UNI student console, the Wii appeared in daycares and nursing homes.

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I think that most Sony games are not good system sellers because of the way they are made. See for example God of war, I love God of war 2 but I don't think anybody would be able to create new games in the series forever without ruining the continuity of the story (I haven't played all of the games but actually I feel like probably they already ruined it). They want story driven games with lots of dramatic stuff, like characters being killed and so on and eventually you understand that you have to make a choice: face the consequences, let the story end the way it should end and create a new ip, but you don't know if the new ip will sell as much as the old one, otherwise you have to contradict what you said in previous games about the story and about the setting, you could need some character that you already killed, you could need to undo something that has been done previously, simply your characters could become so old that you would need to explain how a human being can still be living after hundred of years... But all their more succesful games are like this, God of war, Uncharted... I don't think it is a good way to create games that should be forever tied to your console brand and make it recognizable. I don't think they could make as many Uncharted games as many Mario games one could. Sooner or later Uncharted will become unplausible, but for Mario this will never be a problem because it does not need to be plausible in the first place.

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BTW, some numbers for the king of system sellers on Nintendo's platforms....

Percent of people who owned Mario Kart by platform:
49% - Switch
53% - Wii U
35% - Wii
32% - Gamecube
30% - N64
18% - SNES

21% - 3DS
15% - DS
7% - GBA

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"Don't stir the pot" is a nice way of saying "they're too dumb to reason with"


skywake wrote:

If you're the sort of gamer that had a Wii U and played it on your TV with the Pro Controller? The Switch is a pretty tough sell. You're right, it doesn't do anything much at this point the Wii U couldn't in that config. Especially if you're not into the idea of Arms, Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors or Splatoon 2. It needs more content to push people like you into buying it.

But if you were like me and played your Wii U on the GamePad most of the time? If you're also the sort of gamer who got Smash Bros on 3DS even though they had it on Wii U just so they could have a truly portable Smash? Hell, if you're a gamer who skipped the Wii U? Then the Switch is a pretty easy sell.

Yes, Pro Controller is the best controller option for me.

Portable gaming is nice and all, but unless it's a simple-to-control game like Pokemon, it gets really uncomfortable. I can't really enjoy Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS like I can on a home console. Playing those games on the 3DS was just a very uncomfortable experience for me, but then on the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros play like a charm.

I have no real use for portability in my life right now, anyway.

My main problem with the Switch, though, is the lack of exciting future games. Go back and look at the 3DS's reveal. Sure, a lot of those games took a while to come out, and some of them were duds (Paper Mario), but that reveal was just so good. Sooo many games. The Wii U didn't have such an excellent showing, but it was Nintendo's jump into HD, and although the Wii disappointed me, I still trusted in the brand. Now with the Switch, I don't have as much trust in the brand. And at the end of the day, it's the games that make the system... And aside from Odyssey right now there's nothing on the Switch of interest to me that isn't a Wii U game that I already have.

I know it takes time to build up a system's library, but I just miss the reveal of the 3DS. I was 100% convinced on that system from that E3 conference alone. It's like they really tried to show that the 3DS would have games for everyone. With the Switch it's a much weaker showing.

I guess I was just hoping they would at least show the next Animal Crossing at this conference. I wanted to see something exciting aside from Odyssey, but I didn't get it...


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