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@Diddy64 if you just click on the tweet there's an option to auto translate, at least for me there is.

It says: "It's morning. Let's see!"



@redd214 Thanks. Since I don't use twitter often, I didn't know about it.

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It would be really weird if we didn’t get a Smash announcement of some sort. Release date for Banjo and a reveal of Challenger Pack 4.



@Euler Having one Roy didn't stop them from adding the lesser known Roy Koopa now did it? Besides which, Ryu Hayabusa is pretty well known, he's almost certainly Koei Tecmo's most famous character (and NIntenod and Koei Tecmo are very close) and he's been appearing in games since the 80s. I wouldn't count him out so easily. I wouldn't count that out and the reveal of Ninja Gaiden 4 being on Switch (even if it's among other platforms).

Tracer would be incredibly fun, even if I think she's got little to no chance. I'd rank her third out of Activision-Blizzard's portfolio for my wants (Spyro and Diablo are both character's I'd prefer), but there's no discounting her entirely.

Terry Bogard would be... fine. I have no particular opinion of him (just like Heihachi), but he's quite iconic. I'd still prefer Soul Calibur over any other fighting game getting in, but that won't happen.

And outside of the top picks, I'm still going to say I suspect we'll get a Bandai-Namco character among the final two, either Agumon or Lloyd Irving being the top suspects, with a Tekken character right below (I'd like to see King most of all, but Nina Williams or Yoshimitsu with both his Tekken and Soul Calibur appearances would be great as well).



I'm not saying its my favorite, but I will say the case should be made at this point that this is the greatest Nintendo game ever created. I can say Metroid Prime or Xenoblade Chronicles, but I'm not sure I could properly argue this when compared to Smash Bros' insane, unlimited content.

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The addition of Terry probably has most North American casuals scratching their heads. SNK isn't nearly as well known of a company as Sony or MS. But in Asia and South America? I guarantee the SNK collaboration just sold a whole bunch of Switches, copies of Smash, and fighter passes.

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@Magician Yeah. I know who he is cuz I played some KoF, but wasn’t aware the franchise was that big. But to me it’s still a new character to try out and maybe enjoy. It’s not like there isn’t something for everyone already.
Banjo is fun, I’ve already used him more than I did Hero and Joker. And that music hits me in my nostalgia.


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So I wonder if the next DLC season will be completely third party (like this challenger's pack assuming the fifth character is also third party), completely first party characters or a mix of both.

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I'm really hoping the newly announced DLC includes Howard and Sword Legion. Astral Chain's been in development more than long enough for it to feasibly be included, and it's gone over as well as Xenoblade did (though not at Splatoon levels of course). I think it'll be all first party since we haven't gotten any first party DLC yet, so ARMS and Astral Chain are natural picks. Sakurai did imply they'd all be new IPs though so... might be just 3rd party still.



Sounded to me like another 3rd Party Fighters Pass with at least 5 more characters.
That means, Assist Trophies, Spirits, and Costumes are still not eligible.
Poor Chibi-Robo, Saki, Elma, Geno, Isaac, Waluigi, Bomberman, Bandana Waddle Dee, Dixie Kong, and Shadow fans, I feel with you.

Though there's always a chance that Nintendo will drop another 1st party character like Piranha-Plant, or just completely change the rules, but Sakurai did not hint about such a thing. He probably will give some more information when the 5th Fighters Pass character is revealed.

I have a strong feeling that the 5th character from the current Fighters Pass is one from BANDAI NAMCO. This ist the second Smash game they developed, and they still have only PAC-MAN in Smash, whereas Capcom, Konami, and Sega have 3 characters already!

BANDAI NAMCO owns one of the most popular fighting games (Tekken) and one of the best fighting games (Soul Calibur). And they also develop the excellent and popular 'Tales of' JRPG series. Long-time favourite and Wii U costume Lloyd Irving can get an invitation now that the JRPG-behemoth Dragon Quest is out of the way.

So for now, chances got even higher for brandnew 3rd party characters.

My picks:
1. Professor Layton (I love his games and his character. The series has strong ties to Nintendo. Please have him as the LEVEL-5 rep and not Yokai Watch!)
2. Travis Touchdown (Tone him down just a bit and let him in. He just has to crossover with Bayonetta. Dream match!) 10/10
3. Marina Liteyears (Because Treasure reps Saki Amamiya and Isa Jo are out of the equation. Well, I think Mischief Makers is Treasure's best game ever anyway.) 10/10
4. Crono (for many the best RPG ever. I hope it's not too soon for Square Enix's 3rd character. A Mana rep would also be huge!) 10/10
5. DOOM Marine (One of the monumental games that go into history + strong ties and respect to Nintendo since the very beginning.) 10/10

Also, I love Phoenix Wright, and to an extent Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Okami as well, but since Capcom has 3 characters already (and Ken is still pretty new) I wanna let other 3rd partys have a chance to keep up.

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If there's a 2nd pass (rather than DLC just being individual), my guesses would be:

  • Master Chief (promo for Halo Infinite)
  • Crash
  • a Tekken character
  • Doomguy
  • Sora (if the Kingdom Hearts franchise comes to Switch)/Crono (if the Kingdom Hearts franchise doesn't come to Switch)


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If Nintendo are feeling generous, perhaps include the new fighers on the existing pass. Doubt they will, and it'll be a nice pass (which i honestly don't mind paying)



They already said they won't be included with the current fighter pass. It was in the fine print during the announcement.

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i wonder if the 2nd DLC pass will be about 1st party characters this time around? i would love to see ARMS and other newer IPS from Nintendo appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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I gotta admit I was a bit sad to see Nakoruru (and Mamahaha) miss the invitation but I'm glad they were still part of the trailer. Makes it seem like they at least considered having her. Terry is a good choice. Seems like he's relatively not well known nowadays. At least based on the reactions I've seen.

Had a quick test run with Banjo. Played through Classic Mode. Not much to say yet. I'll have to play more to know if I like them or not. Bought the Sans costume too. Mainly for the music. I don't use Mii Fighters. Not that I don't like them but they cannot be selected by random and I always play with a random character.

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I 100% believe that the 5th fighter is Ryu Hayabusa.

As for a second pass, my guesses would be:

  • Doomguy
  • Travis Touchdown
  • Crash
  • Heihachi
  • Dante from the Devil May Cry series™

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As much as I can't imagine almost anyone in the west being disappointed with Doomguy getting in, Japan would probably feel the way a lot of people here do about Terry. So he'd have to come in the middle of the next package, if anywhere.

Anyways, I guess I'll throw out my predictions for character 5 + the next 5(?). It should be about as accurate as my guesses for the first pass (I had Slime instead of the Hero, that was the closest I've gotten so far).

5. Lloyd Irving (Tales / Bandai-Namco)
6. Agumon (Digimon / Bandai-Namco)
7. Monster Hunter (Monster Hunter / Capcom)
8. Doomguy (Doom / Bethesda)
9. Ryu Hayubasa (Ninja Gaiden / Koei Tecmo)
10. Sora (Kingdom Hearts / Square Enix)

Still hoping Howard + Sword Legion gets in, but that seems highly unlikely. I'd love to see King (Tekken), and Seong Mi-na (Soul) but... not gonna happen at all sadly. Dante (Devil May Cry) stands a chance of showing up instead of Monster Hunter, but not a great one. Pitting him versus Bayonetta would be amazing though.



I'd be pretty disappointed if Doomguy got in. His series is obviously an important one but it's not one I have much interest in, and the character himself seems pretty dull to me. Just a generic macho man with a gun. I'm hoping the second DLC wave is first and second party characters but I'm not sure how likely that is since pretty much every major Nintendo character already has a spirit, if not an assist trophy. Professor Layton doesn't though so there's still a shred of hope for him to get in.


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