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Hello wise and helpful mecha fans!

I have been away from the Super Robot Wars series since the PS2 and Gamecube days, but with Super Robot Wars 30 on the way this year, I found I really miss those Gundam and Mazinger team-ups! That said, I'm used to the old games so I'm hesitant to jump back in.

Has anybody here purchased/played the standard editions of Super Robot Wars V, X, or T on Switch?
Specifically, I'd like to know about the BGM (background music) in these standard editions: is the BGM from the source anime series? In the past, vaporizing baddies with the Getter Beam would treat you to a cut scene with pilot Ryoma shouting "GETTAA BEEEEEEEEEAM" emotionally, with a simplified version of the Getter Robo theme music playing in the background. The theme music from Getter and all the included anime was an essential part of the SRW experience for me, having watched many of the robot anime.

I'm worried the standard editions of V, X, T, and upcoming 30 all have only generic original BGM composed in-house by Bandai-Namco. Is that the case? If they are Bamco-produced arrangements of the anime theme music (like in the old SRW games), I am OK with that. But unrelated, generic battle music would suck all the fun from the series for me.

I know they have sold "Premium Anime Song & Sound" editions of these games, but they cost a fortune and are hard to find. So I'm wondering mainly about these standard editions for now.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



Hmm well after snooping around on Youtube it seems the standard edition games include instrumental BGM based on the actual anime soundtracks, just as it's always been in SRW games. The Premium Anisong Editions must just include sampled vocal songs direct from the source anime. I think the demo version of T I downloaded from the Japan Switch eShop had only generic battle music on it and that confused me... I guess I answered my own question, but don't hesitate to correct me if I'm wrong!

In SRW games, I'm totally ok with the "muzak" versions of the character's theme songs - they still set the tone well enough.

Now it's just a matter of which game to get. What a dream lineup of motherships there have been lately - the Yamato, Nautilus, and Captain Harlock's Arcadia. It's hard to choose!



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