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Hello everybody this is the first time I have posted on here and I need some help.
Last year I sold my original copy of Super Mario Odyssey for £20, because I had finished it. I am now really annoyed at myself for doing this and I wanted to know that if I buy a new copy of the game, will I have my save data from my old copy. I am expecting for that not to be possible, but I am just interested because I am tempted to buy a second hand version of it and I wanted to know all the information I need.




All your save data is saved on the system itself, not the cartridges.

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So does that mean if I buy a second hand version of the game I will get my old save data back?



Yes, you will get your old save data back, as long as you didn't delete the save data from the system itself. The save data on Switch works like the Wii and Wii U save data, where it's on the system itself and is not saved onto a Memory Card, or the cartridge itself. ūü§Ē
I hope this clears things up. ūü§ĒūüĎć

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@SwitchGamer Yup! Your save data should still be there. Like Magician said, game saves are not kept on cartridges. They are stored on the Switch's internal memory. If you want visual proof, open Switch settings, Data Management, scroll down though the games in there, your Mario Odyssey file should still be there. After you remove the cartridge, there is always a file left behind.

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It will still be there unless you deliberately chose the "delete save data" option in the menu.

I've done this quite a few times!

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Thanks for the help everybody. It has really helped me outūüĎć



Let's go it says my save data from Odyssey is still backed up!
Thanks so much everyone!
I think I might buy a new version of the game sometime soon.



@WoomyNNYes no it's ok I was looking on the wrong part. My bad. I have found it now it's all good.


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