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I know that a lot of people criticized Star Fox Zero for being a retelling of Star Fox 64, which was already a retelling of the original Star Fox on the SNES, but one game in the series that I want to see get a retelling is Star Fox Adventures for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002. I would like the game to fix up some of the issues of the original version of the game, such as giving it more rewarding combat, having a quick-travel system, preferably with the Arwing, and most importantly of all, completely overhaul Krystal's role in the story. Where instead of getting captured and spending the whole game waiting for Fox to rescue her, she travels with Fox and battles at his side. And most of the game's story could be Fox and by extension the player learning about who Krystal is and where she came from, and the tragedy that destroyed her homeworld of Cerinia. Similar to a fanfiction called Star Fox the Saurian Adventure that came to a halt but then had a continuation fanfiction. I'll post links to both of them right now.

It's almost pitiful that the Star Fox fanbase treats Krystal with more respect than Nintendo does.


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