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The game is perfectly playable with just the starter pack, even though it probably becomes a little bit more varied with the different ships and weapons.

Other than that: it’s a very fun game. Nice looking, smooth controls, great feel. Sure, it’s not the best game in the world, but it’s very fun to play and if you love Star Fox, I bet this game will be right up your alley, though it’s different enough from that series to stand on its own.

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@PixelTavern I picked up Starlink after the pricedrop mainly for the Arwing myself and the game has been "okay" so far. I'm only about an hour in, but it's mostly made up of fetch quests... "go there, shoot some stuff, bring back a thing". The real highlight for me is the toys-to-life, just on the Arwing you can put the wings on upside down (which makes the lasers fire backwards), on the opposite sides, or just not at all & slap the gun straight on the hull... and that's reflected in the game.

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The game is boring as hell on a "long term"... but now the price is 24.99€ and not 79.99€ anymore... so, the only question is : "Do I have 24.99€ to put in a game like that ?"

I personally don't like the game but my young nephew likes it... It's just a question of taste I guess.



@PixelTavern My copy arrived yesterday and from my limited playtime I wouldn't particularly recommend it. The time I've spent skimming the ground on a planet has been pretty dull and repetitive.

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Great responses guys thank you very much! It seems like a very varied scope of opinions on this game. I love Starfox games ( Even Starfox Zero which I never understood the hate for) so it's really tempting to get. @Quarth You say its perfectly playable, do you know if your actually missing like different Missions/ planets etc or is it literally you play the same game, but with a different ship and character?

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