Topic: Splatoon 2 Local Multiplayer with one digital copy?

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I jus bought splatoon 2 on switch, bought the cartridge copy, but my wife is thinking more and more of buying a second switch (something about having more time for her farm in Stardew Valley) and I was wondering, if I were to purchase it digital instead, could I download it on both switch (given that I put my account on her switch too) so we could play together? Or would I still have to buy two digital copy?

It's a bit of a shame that there's no multiplayer on switch while it was available on Wii U.


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If I recall, a digital title can’t be played by the same account on two systems at once.


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Multiplayer on Wii U was very limited though, and not online from what i remember

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@HobbitGamer Yeah, I was thinking like having my account on both switch and playing with my account on one and my kid with his account on the secondd switch as if I'm not mistaken user are able to play other user games if downloaded...



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