Topic: solving my nintendo switch error precentage battery with my own way :)

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Hello guys, so since the day i was bought nintendo switch i got a problem with my precentage battery. the problem is the precentage not showing same precentage with the real of battery life left. i tried some way to fix this problem like:
1. play my nintendo switch till force sleep and charge it until 8 hours

2. play my switch till force sleep and charge it until 100%

but that 2 way is failed and my nintendo switch still showing a wrong precentage

yesterday, i was tried a new method and voila.. my nintendo switch precentage was fix!!! the precentage showing the real battery capacity left .. so this is my method..

1. in condition of your battery precentage still error played it till about 5% battery left. then

2. Charge it using 2A mobile phone charger ( u must buying a separate micro usb c to replace the micro usb cable)

3. charge your nintendo switch till 100%

4. Play it until your nintendo switch force shutdown / sleep cause runnin out battery

5. Keep your nintendo switch out of battery about 8 hours

6. Charge it using nintendo switch charger (direct it to usb c dont use docking)

  • with this method, my switch battery precentage become normal and after 4 times charger it's still showing a good precentage.
  • maybe this is temporary way to fix it while nintendo still work with their update
  • sorry if there any instruction not very cleary, its because english isn't my first languages

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Way to go

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how is going mate, is my method work for you? because till now my nintendo battery precentage still showing a good precentage since calibrate.. @premko1


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