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I've been saying for awhile these games should Switch ... I have them on Steam myself but for anyone who either doesn't have that option or would prefer them on Switch, this is awesome news!

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Pretty excited about these as I’ve heard of them but never played them. And modern western rpgs are starting to feel more limited choice and narrative wise. Will be nice to play something old school.

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Shadowrun games are pretty great old-school strategy RPGs and I think if this trilogy is reasonably priced, then this is a steal. The first game is probably the weaker one, but it's still fantastic, and the other two are very, very good games. All they need to do is provide good control schemes and variable font sizes and stuff to make it a good port.

It's a shame that other games of similar genre (such as Baldur's Gate and Pillars of Eternity) suffered from problems.



I'm very hype for this. I love the Shadowrun tabletop universe and never played these. From what I've read they seem right up my alley. I happened to read about them a few days before the Direct announcement, and was thinking I'd probably never play them; then SHAZAM!⚡⚡⚡

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