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I built a projector system for portable big screen Nintendo SWITCH gaming!

I used a Philips Pico Projector, a portable SWITCH MINI DOCK.
The projector outputs at 720p and at 350 Lumens
The screen size in the video is 24 inches

Any usb battery will power the dock using the USB B-C cable that comes with a Pro controller

The projector has a battery that will power the dock.

The entire system will run for about 2 hours playing Zelda - this is limited by the size of the projector battery

If you plug the projector into the mains power - it will also charge the SWITCH


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Not bad except for the price of the projector you could buy a bigger 1080p TV that size and it doesn't last long but still cool as it is. Would be handy for the times where there is no TV around and multiple people are using the console at one time.

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@BezBot ha ha- yes I know! Good quality projectors aren't cheap!



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