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Hello there, lovely people! It’s Robin (not from Nintendo Life) here & I need you to sign a petition to get Blizzard to start plans of a development of a Switch engine (because they make their engines themselves).

Since I’ve discovered I’m a supporter of a port of Overwatch to the Nintendo Switch, I’ve made a petition. Blizzard said in May their focus lays on something else then the port. Let’s turn their eyes to the right direction!

Just need two things: you’re full name & your email address. Click this link below to compete:

Let’s make Blizzard play Overwatch on the toilets of our friends!*

  • Robin

<Wii~Wii U~Switch meme>


Keep in mind!

  • EACH sign does count! (Together we’ll create an enormous count of signers to show Blizzard how big the crowd of the Overwatch-Port-supporters is!)
  • Don’t forget to SHARE this petition link. (This will increase the chance of more people signing it)
  • UPDATES are shown in the petition link.

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