Topic: Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 hasn't motion control?

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I purchased this game to play with motion control, but I couldn't activate it. This game doesn't support this, or I'm doing something wrong?



@carlostabosa In case no one else answers: I don't know about this game specifically, but I can say, while Nintendo brand games often have motion control, games made for all consoles & pc (like this game) often don't have motion controls because xbox & pc don't have motion controls, and it's easier to make one set of controls, rather than adding the time & cost of creating/implementing another control system using motion.

I'll agree it's a missed opportunity, though. It can also be difficult, or impossible at times, to tell if a game supports motion control - via games eshop page or game trailers. Watching/reading a review specifically for the Switch version of a game should cover the topic, if it has motion, but I know that takes more time, not always reliable.

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Thanks @WoomyNNYes. I probably misunderstood a review about Mario and Sonic Olympic Games.

In fact, I couldn't find any gameplay of this game with motion control. Now I see why...



@carlostabosa : No motion, I'm afraid. I bought the Japanese release way back in 2019 (which had English support from the get-go), and the international release looks virtually identical.

The Mario and Sonic games typically support motion on Nintendo's home consoles though.

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