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I bought new NS 2 weeks ago.

Ususally after docking NS in a sleeping mode it is showing batter level on a black screen for few seconds however
from time to time it is not showing anything (after docking).

Should i be worried or it is normal that the battery level is not displayed everytime?



It should be fine… as long as you can see the battery level when you need to and the switch is working fine.

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Just typing this as extra information to go with theme of the title of this thread when comes to battery life while gaming: V1 - from 2,5 to 6,5 hours, V2 - from 4,5 to 9 hours, Lite - from 3 to 7 hours, OLED - from 4,5 to 9 hours.

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Did you also check Nintendo FAQ about battery performance? And did you let it charge overnight before using it? This is always a good thing to do when you first get the NSW to let it charge overnight and then use it after that and if there is battery issue then you can contact NIN or take it back to the retailer and get a replacement Switch if the battery is faulty. So keep your receipt until your warranty is over if this become a problem.



@loki84 I think you may be seeing different wake/charge status displays?

As the Switchforce mentioned above, nintendo support site is very thorough covering issues. If you describe what the console displays in the nintendo support search bar, you can find directions to solve most everything. Like searching: no image, no charge icon, console won't wake from sleep mode, no image on tv, blinking green light on dock.

If your console turns on, plays games, your console is good.

It's good to shut down or restart you console here and there. I think I've seen a couple people here run into minor issues that were easily solved by restarting the console. (They always used sleep mode, never restarted or shut down the console.)

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