Topic: Nintendo Switch won’t connect to tv after update

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Nintendo Switch won’t display tv after update

So I just got a brand new Nintendo switch which are difficult to find btw. Booted it up and had everything set up. I was able to connect it to the tv and set it all up. After I had it set up, it took me to the home screen where it asked me to update the system as well as the micros sd. After I did that, it restarted the switch and when I put it back on the dock, it won’t display on the TV. The funniest part is the tv detects that a Nintendo switch has been connected but does not display anything. When I place the switch on the dock I get the green stable light and it also charges as well.

What I’ve tried:

  • Power cycle the Switch and tried connecting the cables in order (No Luck)
  • Tried multiple HDMI cables (No luck)
  • Tried 3 different TVs ( No luck)
  • Tried holding the switch power button for 15 secs and waiting a minute before turning it on (No luck)

Keep in mind this is a brand new and I just don’t know what to do at this point. I even called Nintendo and they basically told me the same steps.
The switch was updated to the latest 10.0.2 update and after that all the issues where it won’t display happened.

If anyone can help I’ll really appreciate it thanks!!



Well since it's new try why not return it to the store you got it from and exchange it for another one?

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