Topic: Nintendo Switch games region free? or still NTSC/PAL

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Hello everyone,

As the title suggests i uncertain if the Nintendo Switch games still have the Region lockout.(Pal/NTSC)

I am about to buy a console together with the new Zelda game ( from Europe , Romania) and i will move to Canada in 6-7 months forever, and i would like to know if the Games from Canada/Us will work on my European console and the other way around, if my European Zelda will work on a Canada/Us console. If yes would i have any restrictions ?like on Playstation 4?( some DLC dont work from a EU PSN to a US PSN).

Thank you very much for reading



@Xit It's region free, but with any other system, the DLC will most likely be ''region locked''. So if for some weird reason Europe gets DLC, you cannot download that for an American game. Don't think this is confirmed, but it's pretty standard for compatibility reasons, so I doubt this won't be the case on the Switch.



Region free. You can even access the eshop in different regions. All you need to do is create a separate My Nintendo account in the region you need. I got the Dragon Quest demo this way.



Sing it with me. REGION FREEEEEEEE! My wallet is beyond grateful. Sorta.

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