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What is everyone's Nintendo switch friend code
Mine is SW-2379-5765-6878
Add me on the switch
Also does anyone have a eshop card that they haven't used yet if so what is the code



what is everyone's friend code



@Halireed To keep clutter of repeat threads down(like "add me", "friend codes"), we use a general thread for friend code sharing, or you can use the general thread for a specific game.

Friend Exchange - Share friend codes for Switch multiplayer matches

Also, there's a rule against begging. Asking for and eshop card code would fall under that. You should skim through the bold print in the rules - it's not heavy. (these are the rules you already acknowledged to reading in order to create your account )

Enough of the rules stuff, though. Welcome!

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Oh my god dude.
I'll send you my unused eShop code, just send me your credit card info real quick



Sure, and wile we're at it, whats your home address?

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(My friend code is SW-7322-1645-6323, please ask me before you use it)


...People have already posted links to the threads, sooooooooooooooo.....

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