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So I have a shared account with my dad and I want to have my own account but I have games that I don’t want to loose the data for. If I make a new account on my switch will I loose my data or will the data on the switch work on any account on my switch?



Hi @GhostDog

Your wording is confusing.

By shared account do you mean a single Switch console with separate user profiles, or by shared account do you mean a single Switch console with only one user profile (meaning that you and your father share the same save data and NNID)?

If you and your father have been sharing the same Switch console but had separate user profiles and you wish to transfer your user profile (and its accompanying save data) to a new Switch console, you can transfer your user profile, which will also transfer your save data and eShop purchases to the new console.

If however you have only had one user profile on a single Switch, then all save data is confined to that particular user/account.

Switch consoles can accommodate up to eight user profiles so there would be little reason to have to share save data using a single user profile/account. Save data is almost always saved on the basis of the user and is not shared, so it would be best to create a separate user profile for each person using the console.

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@Silly_G. Me and my father each have our own switch and we linked the same account on both switches so his email is connected to the account and I want to have my own account so I didn’t know if the data on his account would go on my new one


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