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Hi guys/gals,

Hopefully this is OK, if not, mods please remove it.

I've been running a small YouTube channel for about half a year now, focusing on make sure people get the right Tempered Glass and accessories for the phones and now Nintendo Switch!

Recently I wondered whether if I tried to get in contact with some of these companies, whether they'd be open to running some sort of competition. To my delight Orzly have responded and said they'd gladly donate a bunch of stuff to be put into a competition.

You can watch the video I posted about it here: https://youtu

It's not necessary to watch the video, to enter the competition

If you just want to enter, without watching the video, the link is here:


The winner(s) will be announced once it hits 5000 entries.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Sorry, we don't allow any kind of self promotion or advertisement in the forums.

You are free to contact the admins of the site and ask for permission beforehand. If they say it's ok, then it's ok.


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