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(Or lack of!)
Wow.. Having just accidentally bought a stinker (which shall remain nameless) was shocked to find that there is no refund available from the e-shop.
How is that legal with regards to consumer rights? I'm guessing that I've probably ticked some t&c when buying the game, summarised as "BTW, we're using some loop-hole we found so you don't have any consumer rights, lol" but it seems a bit off.
Would it hurt that much to having something that allowed a refund before a couple of hours of playtime?

In any case - once bitten, twice shy etc. this has pushed me firmly in the direction of physical carts, I'm guessing it's a sign of things to come with Google Stadia and online-only games machines etc.

Apologies - rant over!



Pretty sure the only place that's illegal is EU and Australia? Never heard it's illegal anywhere else, really.

The only other gaming platform I know that give refund is only Steam (and even then, I hear this is recent few years development)



This is my one gripe with the eshop. I bought a game once and hated it (despite researching the title first). If you buy a game and there’s less than an hours play time you should be able to delete and get a refund imo.

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@Filbert_Wang Why not name what the game is? Does somebody on the dev team frequent NL?

Anyway, I do wish the console manufacturers had digital refund policies like Steam's.

Steam gives you something like... a week to try it out, and your actual playtime can't exceed three hours. It's very fair, I think.

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Even Google Play allows you a limited amount of time to request a refund, no questions asked (although I've heard this policy may be changing slightly!)

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@Filbert_Wang I do actually have a partial solution to the issue, but I'm not prepared to share it unless you name the game.

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Thanks for replies guys - no particular reason not to name the game, other than I didn't want the thread to be about that. It's the SNK 40th collection (turns out the games didn't match my memories of being only just able to reach the cabinet controls!)
Ralizah & xanderten50 - exactly, the e-shop should offer them (and if you're coming in under Google, wow does that tell you something!)



This one time I bought a burger because I thought I would like it. I didn’t like it after a few bites, but I couldn’t get my money back. It was probably the most awful thing that ever happened to me.


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HobbitGamer wrote:

This one time I bought a burger because I thought I would like it. I didn’t like it after a few bites, but I couldn’t get my money back. It was probably the most awful thing that ever happened to me.


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@HobbitGamer you know I have had restaurant refund me a food/drink item if I didn’t like it but also only took a few bites or sips.

Regardless, they should at minimum give you eshop credit if you bought a game, played for an hour or less and didn’t like it. It’s not like they would lose out on the sale if it was done this way. Most retailers will let you exchange a game or give in store credit if it was a new game and you opened the box. Don’t see why an online store should be an all or nothing type of thing.

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Solution: buy physical when you can. At least you can resell it if you want.

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komodo182 wrote:

Solution: buy physical when you can. At least you can resell it if you want.

This is one reason I still buy physical copies especially if I am not sure about the game. While I will say that starting with my PS4 I have been buying alot more digital games, but they're games I have played before or know I will enjoy (like Borderlands 3 for example) or don't plan on reselling ever.

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@Tasuki I will pay more for physical than digital personally and I don't buy digital if its on a great sale or that's the only option. But I am less likely to buy a game if it is only digital.

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Many thanks for the replies everyone. I think re. the burger, if it cost £35 and tasted bad you'd definitely ask for a refund, or replacement (assuming the 1st one hadn't given you food poisoning)

Have done some checking with consumer advice, but the wording is ambiguous:
"There's no automatic right to a full refund within 30 days.
If the digital content doesn't measure up you can ask for a repair or replacement. If the repair or replacement doesn't work, or isn't possible, you can then ask for a reduction in price instead.
The law says that a full refund may be given "where appropriate", so act quickly and you may actually get all of your money back – but in general this is likely to be a partial refund."

I might try and contact Nintendo and see if they will do anything. I see the shop is based in Germany so not sure which country's law will apply (although EU laws are normally fairly similar with this kind of thing).
But, it does seem like legislation is lagging behind technology, as per usual, and hence Nintendo able to get away with this kind of thing.



It's not a faulty game, where you'd definitely have legal rights. Most shops provide a returns service for goods that goes beyond the legal requirement While restaurants wouldn't be obliged to refund just because you didn't like the food you ordered but often would do ....

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