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So, out of all the reveals in the recent Nintendo Direct, I am personally SUPER hyped about the release of Ni No Kuni on Switch.
The original PS3 release had a "Wizard's Edition" which contained the Drippy Plush, Wizard's Companion, and some DLC for familiars. I was wondering if the Switch would have a similar scenario where we get the awesome plush, book, and familiars as it'd be sad not the have the items.



I am also so Hyped about it. Its a day one purchase for me. Not sure if Switch will get all those items though.

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Yeah I was pretty glad to see this. I never had a PS3 so I'm pleased all of the great exclusives have been ported now. Except for Demons Souls and MGS4.

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Wanted to play that game for a long time already, really happy to see it being released on switch. I hope second one is also a possibility.



Got it on PS3 about a year and a half ago due to all the praises it got. Only managed to play around 7-8 hours, but I do enjoy it and is very well made, especially with its visuals from Studio Ghibli. If they made any improvements besides the visuals, I might go and purchase it on PS4 or PC.


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Yeah, this and MGS4 are basically the only reason I wanted a PS3.

Really excited to finally be able to play this. I just wish it wasn't launching during such a busy period. Why does EVERYTHING seem to be releasing in September?

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This is a great game. Own it on my PS3 but difficult to play without one now ūüėā

Never had a chance to finish so great to have the opportunity to have another go.

Recommend to all RPG fans and avid adventurers.

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