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Do you think we'll ever get one, a lá 'Streets Of Rage 4'?

I prefer the rapid-punch gameplay of FF over SOR1 but SOR1 (and SOR2) have better music.

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Probably not. I can't remember the most recent Capcom published beat'em up. The Sengoku Basara games might be the closest we've gotten. Although those tend to be musou games rather than beat'em ups.

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There are Cobra Kai and the sequel for beat em up games.

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I hope so. Streets of Rage 4 may have better gameplay, but there's something cooler about Final Fight, and in my opinion it's only just been beaten with that fourth SOR, not even the 2nd one. It just takes me straight back to the late '80s/early '90s. I still love playing through FF, but it could do with updating - better graphics for a 4K screen, of course, and a playable female character would be welcome.



I don't have gameplay experience and basing solely on gameplay video - Final Vendetta looks like the closest thing to a "new Final Fight" at this moment.


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