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Awesome - just finished playing with Copen. Next is Joule. Probably gonna buy Ray and maybe the rest as well. Great game that you can beat in 2-3 h with all the hidden items. And each character plays different enough to warrant another playthrough. Similar to Blaster Master Zero - which is also awesome. I really like what Into Creates is doing.



kkslider5552000 wrote:

Man, wouldn't it be funny if people gave millions of dollars to a company to make a Megaman-like game, and then a year later an undermarketed 8-bit game with the same IP was vastly better received?

For the record, this is still amusing to me every single time I think about it.

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So, I finished the game with Joule and Ekiro (or Ekiro?) and I just bought the last 4 characters It is such a great for me - I enjoy it more than some triple A games.

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