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i bought a switch lite, and a 256gb mciro sd card.
it had fortnite and pokmon unite - and it said i have only 70gb free?

so i took it out and put it in my laptop. and the only folder there (nintendo) is 6gb. even on windows, it says i have only 70gb free, but the folder is only 6gb?

whats going on?

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@um4yr My guess is, that may be a bogus/pirated/fraudulent card. I've heard cards sold on amazon that don't have the capacity that's advertised. Also, for instance, I've heard of some cards where the computer will tell you have have 256gb, but people discover the card runs out of space at a much-lower-than-advertised capacity, like say at around 16gb to 32gb.

If you buy from amazon, only buy from the familiar brand names, like Sandisk, Samsung, etc,. that have about 50,000--100,000+ positive reviews, and are sold by Amazon, not a third party seller.

Or perhaps you were cautious when you purchased the card, and still got deceived. Anyway, that's my guess as to what's happened. -sorry to hear. Definitely disappointing.

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@um4yr sounds like you got a scammed sd card. So is this a name brand and where did you buy it from? It might be good to contact the seller or online site that sold it to find out. At this point this is something you must undertake to find out what going on with the card and if fake or bad get a replacement one. If fake this becomes tricky as this is something you and seller must resolve.



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