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Looking for friends to play mario kart. Pokemon(s), Splat 3. Rocket league .
Many thanks

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@CoCoWR11 To avoid the clutter of generic "add me"/"need friends" threads spamming the forum, we use the Friend Exchange thread or the general threads for particular games to share friend codes.

Friend Exchange thread

As far as Rocket League goes, I'm literally just about the only person that posts in the Rocket League thread🤣, which is surprising to me since Rocket League has such a big user base, but there don't seem to be many Switch users here that play Rocket League.

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@WoomyNNYes From what I understand, like Fortnite, Rocket League isn’t the preferred game to play on the Switch. People play it more on the likes of PlayStation and Xbox, hence why the rocket league thread on this site may be dead.

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@TheBigBlue Oh yeah, I totally know that. Surprisingly, the Rocket League threads are even more dead on pushsquare and purexbox. 🤣

EDIT: Correction, purexbox doesn't even have a rocket league thread.🤣 I think it used to, but I suspect they've deleted dead threads.

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