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Hey folks,

Sorry if this has been asked before, but i can;t find anything that gives a decent list of these games. Maybe there is a search term that i'm not aware of? (if so let me know!)

My brother and sister (in law) recently bought a switch, and we are trying to get a list of games that we can play together.

The setup we will have is 2 of us playing on my switch, and 2 of them playing on theirs. But across the country. So we need online, rather than local wireless.

So we are looking for games that are both local multiplayer AND online, but 2 local players can play with/against 2 online players that are also playing local multiplayer.... Hopefully that makes sense?

As far as i'm aware, Mario Kart can do this, Overcooked 2, Worms WMD. I'm guessing Super smash bros ult can do this?

But i'm struggling to find other games. Nothing seems to clearly state if this play style is possible. Many games are 4+ players, but they all seem to be stated as local. I'm happy to spend my cash, but don;t want to be spending cash on games that don't do what i am trying to do.

Does anyone know of a good list of these local + online multiplayer games? Or if not, please tell me below so i can check the games out.

Many thanks in advance!



Animal Crosing does but the multiplayer aspect is pretty limited and 2 of you (1 on each console) would have to share an island and be unable to 0lay the main campaign).

Diablo 3 is another one that springs to mind but I can't remember if we played online together when we had the one switch or if it was just after I bought her a switch of her own.

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@JJBandit in switch eshop you can use the filters to find online games.




Here are the ones I've come across. I'll add more if I think of any

Hotshots Racing
Bomberman R
Killer Queen Black
Rocket League
WWE 2K Battlegrounds

These ones I can't 100% confirm, but I checked a website called co-optimas and filtered by combo-play. It mentioned the below

Override Mech City Brawl
Hypercharge Unboxed
Castle Crashers
Trine Series(3 player only I believe)
Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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Diablo3 and Borderlands2 are both fantastic and support ad-hoc multiplayer.

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Thanks everyone!,

A really helpful list.

If anyone can think of any more, I'll keep checking back,

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Pretty sure you can do this with ARMS. 2 on 2 team play is a blast.

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