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Hi, I'm new to gaming this week, I was never into computer games when I was a kid. My son who's 7 wanted a Switch Lite for xmas so I need to learn how to play his games. We've got some way through Lego Jurassic Park and defeated the IndominousRex but is that the game completed? How do you know what else there is to complete?



@ZachAsh79 It's common that you can beat the story of the game, but still have objectives, side quests to find/complete. It's up to you weather you want to try to 100% everything before you beat the story, or look things up after you beat the story. It's common to beat the story, then go back and try to find the things you missed, which can still be fun to track down. Mario Odyssey and Zelda Breath of the Wild purposely put in things to find or do after you beat the main story of the game.

If you ever get stuck in a game, youtube is a great resource - search "game-name + longplay" or "walkthrough"; you can add "100%" to the search, too, if wanted(which is what your after).

If you want lists, has text guides (someone else here may know other places with guides)

Here's one of the results for youtube "lego jurassic park walkthrough".

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@ZachAsh79 Lego games have two modes, Story mode which it sounds like you beat and Freeplay mode.

Story mode is just that the story. However in the levels of story mode there are secrets hidden and obstacles that you can't complete because in story mode, you can only use the characters in that story. However Freeplay mode you can use any character you want. Each character in the game had there own unique abilities that can be used to get past obstacles and find the secrets each level has to offer.

TLDR: Basically their are two modes Story mode and Freeplay which both can be complete to 100% everything this game has to offer.

One more thing I forgot to add. The post credit scene can be confusing as well but that scene is just an advertisement for Lego Demensions (which is no longer around). Some are fooled into thinking it's more for Lego Jurassic Park but it isn't.

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