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I don't know if this was asked already but asking now. I been seeing some JPN games on Amazon JP that doesn't show up in US markets. And the question is this how many NS buyers not of JPN native language has one bought that when played on the NS converted to EN txt but JPN voice? I know Fire Emblems is one I kept JPN voice and EN txt - I actually liked it that way as this comes from watching JPN voice anime with EN txt gave which emphasis on the body of the language. I do know some games say "JPN language" only and those will be in JPN regardless. I seen one that was Splunka physical was only "JPN" that disappointed me. I did order some from Amazon JP but they don't indicate "Only JPN" so not sure but I will find out shorty when one of them arrives. Don't want to be disappointed if it comes only JPN.



The Japanese release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 on Switch will play with English text but Japanese voices. Currently if you look on the Japanese eshop and look for 英語 which is Japanese for "English" it means that at least English text is an option. But there isn't, as far as I can tell, a way to tell if it is just text, or full English support. I know some games you can download a patch for specific language support too. But that seems to be a game by game basis.

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I did order one from JPN Amazon and sure enough it was straight JPN ugh..but I like the extras they have with the game. So debating to keep it or not...


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