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I went to the eShop and made a Japanese account to mainly check out the Famicom games, but there was a long text box before and I checked it off and pressed next. Other people on YouTube showing it off, made it without checking the box, what's going to happen and should I worry? I also was debating on this for awhile, and didnt know my news channel is messed up now. I never import digitally, only did this for Joy Mech Fight, and the cool Zelda 2 FDS music.

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It's basically agreeing to the term and conditions when creating an account. An English copy can be found here:

I'm not going to explain everything in there, but one is you have agreed that the owner of the account is over 18 (the idea is under 18s have a "Child" account). Although it later on explains you can by under 18, but your parents/guardians have agreeded to the terms. This one is more to cover Nintendo's back (and other services do similiar things).

The main one is Nintendo can suspend your account if they detect illegal activity.

Otherwise, there isn't anything to worry about. If you do plan on buying stuff from the Japan shop, I would recommend buying eShop Points from, rather than using your Debit/Credit Card (although you could use PayPal which is a safer pay method).



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