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I decided to say it first.... Fill in your own sentence ender!



Where the hell are my Xenoblade 1/X and Metroid Prime Trilogy ports???

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...Still no Mother 3.

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When is Mother 3: Reggie’s Revenge coming out?

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It's 2019, Nintendo will make Animal Crossing Builder on Switch, just like Dragon Quest Builders 2.

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It’s 2019, Nintendo, why can’t the Switch also functions as a toaster?

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Thank you for making great games like Mario Odyssey (playing it atm).

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...when are we gonna party like it’s 1989?
(Really, where’s my next NES games?)


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..can we please have themes and folders. Id be happy with just a few more colors as opposed to just black or white.
But thanks for all the great games!



...And you still haven't made a $60, AAA, western focused game with MTX and lootboxes!!1! Dubya-Tee-Eff Nintendo!!1

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... and we still gonna complain, no matter what you do!

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Where is my F zero sequel? Pretty please

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Come on Nintendo, it's 2019! Stop bringing out awesome games or I'll go bankrupt! I need my wallet back!

Also bring back the gameboy!!!!

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It's 2019 Nintendo. When are you gonna create your shared virtual store and update all your digital content from previous systems to make them playable on Switch? Steam style.

(totally a reasonable request. )

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When are you going to let me make multiple purchases through eShop at once?



Where's my Switch Pro with blast processing?

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Golden Sun something please.
Either Golden Sun 4, Golden Sun remake triology or like a new idea (ie Game from Alex's point of view). Maybe a new Advance Wars game?
And if that can't happen-Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn remake?

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It's 2019 Nintendo. Ditch your overly complicated voice chat system and just release Discord on the Switch eShop.

Also, fix Ultimate's online dammit


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