Topic: Is nintendo online per user or per device?

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I have one switch with 4 accounts on it, if I wanted to play online, do I have to buy the family subscription or is a single would allow all 4 on the device?



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Thanks... I'll give it a shot



@cheapie408 To answer your question, Nintendo Switch Online is per user. But, any other users on your switch console can share play the NSO snes/nes games.

If you want more than one online game profile, some games like Splatoon 2, require multiple switch online accounts(family plan). Even though you bought the family plan, each account will require a unique email address.

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WoomyNNYes wrote:

each account will require a unique email address.

I do think NIN does says something like this as well on their site that only limits one unique email to each account.



Even games like Animal Crossing in which you can change users within the games, won't let you use online features unless the character's user has a Nintendo online account, meaning that it doesn't matter if user A which has Nintendo Online enters the game and then changes to user's B character which has no Nintendo Online account, the game won't let B to use online functionality.



Pokémon Home is an interesting case, in the sense that it lets you manage the Pokemon data of any profile in the console by switching profiles within the app, even if they don't have a Nintendo online or Pokemon home subscription.

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So If I purchase a Nintendo Online Individual Membership, Can me and 2 other players play Super Mario Maker 2 Course world? of Do I need a Family membership for that?


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