Topic: How to play "Dragon Quest XI Switch" by Japanese language in Australia?

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HELLO. I'm Japanese living in Sydney. I've bought Dragon Quest XI for Switch but I don't know how to play in Japanese language. It looks like English only. Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda Breath of the Wild and Zelda Link's Awakening were OK, starting in Japanese automatically. But doesn't work for Dragon Quest XI...

Does anybody knows how to change the language for Dragon Quest XI???



The text in the game is automatically set to the language of the system. So set your switch to Japanese if you wish to play the game in Japanese.

If you already have it in Japanese, then I’m not sure!

You can also switch the language of the voice acting via the settings menu in-game.

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The Australian version (and by extension all Western versions) does not support Japanese, but it supports all of the other languages usually supported by multi-language Switch games (including Chinese and Korean).

The Japanese version only supports Japanese, however.

You should not buy Australian versions of games assuming that they will include Japanese by default. The eShop page for each game is a good guide for information on what languages are included in the local retail version of the game, if such a game has a local retail release.

Most games will include multi-language support, including Japanese, but you ought to check beforehand as this will vary on a game by game basis.

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@KuchiMoet Not every game supports every language and I am pretty sure Dragon Quest XI is one of those. I know the Japanese release does not support English (I'm American living in Japan, for example.)

Like @Silly_G said: You can see supported languages on the eshop page. Nintendo also has the information on their website, just make sure you go to the correct Nintendo website, the Japanese, Australian, American etc... website.

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@StableInvadeel @Silly_G @Heavyarms55

Thank you so much for your comment. I've been to game shop and requested for refund today. It went well As everyone mentioned, the guy at the shop told me almost all game in the shop doesn't support Japanese, except some games which Nintendo owns, like Mario or Zelda. He told me that I should have a look at official website of each games to check about language before purchase. I learned a lot. Thank you everyone for help! xxx



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