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Not sure if this as been asked before most probably as haha Can anybody please tell me how many physical games have been made for the switch so far I have 93 physical games I was just wondering how far away I am pal only btw



Worldwide? We're probably well over 700 at this point. You have to consider that several releases are exclusive to certain regions of the world. And there are nearly twenty boutique publishers that release digital-only games physically.

Switch Physical Collection - 1,006 games (as of September 30th, 2022)
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Based on this there's 15 lines of 4 games so 60 games per page times 6 pages = 360 plus the last page which has 53 makes a total of 413 but doesn't include limited run physical games though.

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There's been quite a few but that depends on if your talking those native to your language region or world wide. Only some where released in their respective language region and then had or update to english option. So unless you supported the KS on the book they were creating that would be the best way to gauge how many games came out so far as they are also including much as they can.


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