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To set up a Japanese eshop on Switch, you need to create a brand new Japanese Nintendo account. Use a different email address and set up a brand new Nintendo account with everything Japanese(language,time zone, etc.) Turn on switch and make a new user and sign in with the new account for that user. When you do, you'll be able to access the Japanese eshop however, everything will be in Japanese. You just have to learn what everything means. You always have to use that user account if you want to buy and play Japanese games you can get. Your regular account won't work with any games you download with the Japanese eshop. Also, the news notifications will change to Japanese to no matter what account you use. It takes awhile but eventually you'll get English and Japanese news. To buy games from Japanese eshop you can't use nintendo eshop cards. You have to use Japanese eshop cards. You can find them online. The cheapest games are about 1000 points which translates to $12.99. There's more detailed instructions how to set up your Japanese account but this is how mine worked. You just have to keep switching users back and forth, one for English and the other for Japanese. You can't share them. It's good to do though.



Not true - you just have to create a new user. No need for an new account.
I have a Russian user to access the Russian Eshop, but my main user is used for the European eshop. So to access the different eshops, you just have to start the eshop app and choose the correct user. And all are linked to your one Nintendo account.

BtW. use PayPal to pay - no need for eshop cards

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