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I wanna buy Resident Evil Revelations Collection from America because it hasn't a physical release in Europe.
But Revelations 2 comes as a download.
When i download that game from the American e-shop, can i play it with my European account or do i have to play it with the American account.



It shouldn't matter on the account. Why don't you create a Amazon US account and order and have it imported and then create a USA Nintendo account and use that to download the RE vol 2. I done that with JPN games. I had one from PlayAsia and use my JPN Nintendo Account to download the DLC and then after that changed my Nintendo JPN account back to USA region. So I have two Nintendo Accounts where one is NA and the other NA but is the one I can switch back to JPN and then back to US when I finish the update or DLC.



You may need an American account to download it from the eShop, but once its downloaded any account will be able to play it, no matter the region.



Yes it will work, you just need to creat a US account and go into the US eShop.
I did the same thing with Sonic Mania as the collectors edition wasn't on Amazon UK until the day after release, so i ordered it of US amazon. The download code was for the US eShop, but i downloaded it and then i could play it on either my UK or US account on the same switch.

Nintendo Life did a guide:


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@menzo1986 : You don't have to buy the "collection". The Japanese version is identical to the Western release, and there is a standalone release of Revelations 1 in Japan called "BioHazard Revelations: Unveiled Edition". You can import that version and buy the second game from your region's eShop.

Despite the difference in name between regions, the game will still play and display on your home screen as Resident Evil Revelations. Capcom has very stupidly screwed over the Australian market as well, so I have imported Revelations 1, Mega Man X 1 & 2, and Okami from Japan.

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thank you all for the anwsers



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