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Reason i am asking is i was thinking about setting up my sons switch next week one day when hes at nursery and i plan to download maybe 5-6 games. I have a gaming pc myself and know steam always do a good sale about a week before xmas, so was just wondering if Nintendo do something similar? Dont want to buy all they games and they go on sale a week later.



@MrEleven1181 I hate to say it, but you just missed a big Nintendo sale around the Black Friday weekend. Not what you needed to hear, I'm sure. You probably won't be stung by another Nintendo sale before Christmas, though there might be one between Christmas and the new year. That said, just because another eShop sale on actual Nintendo games isn't that likely, it doesn't mean other Switch games won't be on sale.

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eShop and sales will be on going all this week until the end of the Christmas season. You have to look.



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Sadly, there isn't major sweeping sales each year outside of black friday through cyber monday. However, I have noticed a trend where games can go on sale if they suit the holiday it works with. If I recall correctly, I saw Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon go on sale around halloween last year, so that's just one example. If could predict the next major sale, it would likely be DKC: Tropical Freeze around Christmas this year.
I also see games that didn't sell that well get major price cuts after they launch to raise sales before they go back up, but most of those are not good games at all.

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Most of the games on the eShop that have Steam levels of sales (50%+) are kind of awful.

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Actually a Game Awards themed sale just went live according to Nintendo Everything.



@Dohogerse Hope you don't mind I piggy-back on your post and add a link.


If you are setting it up for your kid I'm recommending Yoku's Island Express. It's a simple cutesy platformer w/ some pinball type physics scattered about. On sale for $9.99, normally $19.99. And $41.99 for Super Mario Odyssey is actually one of the best deals I've sen for that 14 month old game.

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Third party game sales range from 10%-90% and are fairly frequent. First party games though? You might see a sale during seasons, events, or holidays. Even then the sales usually don't go past 50%.

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I seem to remember picking up a lot of eshop games on Wii U near Christmas, that seemed to be when the best Wii U digital offers were on, but I can't remember if the same happened on Switch last year.

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