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I'm not sure why the discussion has gone to streaming when there's been no indication so far that Disco Elysium is going down that route. I know that it's out on Stadia, but so are a lot of other games that'll run natively on the Switch and there's really nothing about it that suggests that it'd be too demanding.

I'd suspect that the reason for the delay is most likely to be that the Final Cut releases that came out earlier in the year turned out to be rather buggy, and they've had to spend a lot of time patching them. Hopefully that'll mean that when the Switch version arrives it won't be needing any.




Just to clarify, the digital release is in October. However, the physical release isn't until early next year. Also, the $250 CE won't be the only option for purchasing a physical copy. There'll also be a standard retail release.

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So....anybody have this yet? How does it run, how is the font on the Switch screen?

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