Topic: Did Nintendo accidentally reveal a new Fighter for Smash Brothers Ultimate?

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Oh, the website has the second piece of SSB Ultimate art featuring Mr. Saturn (next to Captain Olimar).

He's really going to be a new fighter, isn't he?

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Robin is one of my mains, but to be honest I'm really not a fan of the My Unit inclusion in Smash. Robin and Corrin are generic characters and they were not the best pick to represent their games, that's just my opinion ofcourse. Fates would've been better represented by Azura who could've been very interesting as a lance fighter in combination with dancing.

Celica could've been the Mage / Sword fighter instead of Robin. Alm could be the echo echoes fighter of Roy my boy. I wouldn't even be mad if Alm simply replaced Roy, I don't know many Fire Emblem fans who have Binding Blade as their favorite entry. But I'm sure there are some people who could never let Roy go.

Though my ultimate dream would be classes implented in Smash. It would take up about four or five spaces in the smash roster. Sword user / Axe user / Lance user / Mage / Archer. Each category would have multiple characters to choose from that play very similar. For example the Axe category includes Hector, Frederick, Cherche, Black Knight, (place your favorite Fire Emblem axe user here).

That would mean an army of Fire Emblem characters in Smash, but It's what I want

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@SKTTR Well Mr.Saturn is already in the game. So yea, it's correct.



@Navitroid Idk about Robin and Corrin. Robins a neat character with a mix of both magical and physical combat. And I'd say he may be the less generic character to pick from in Awakenings main cast since Chrom and Lucina are generic enough to be Marth clones. And Corrin had a pretty cool moveset with him using his dragon parts to attack with. I think Azura would have been a neat choice as well, but Corrin isn't nearly as generic as the other FE fighters.


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