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Right so, is the Switch going to have a day one update like WiiU? Or will it all be fine out of the box?
I doubt anyone knows but hey no harm in finding out lol



It will probably have one. It's not that unusual these days

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It's very likely as Nintendo may have discovered some stability issues or bugs between the time that the consoles were being manufactured and the time that they go on sale. There may also be other undisclosed features that may not have been ready in time for manufacturing, but have been completed in time for launch. We'll most likely find out next week come the Weekly Nintendo Download Update.

I just hope that isn't a beastly size. The Wii U's day one firmware update was a monstrous 3GB or so if I recall correctly.

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In the videos of the UI leak the eShop wasn't accessible and it asked for the system to be updated before you could access it. So I think it's very safe to assume that there'll be a day 1 system update. At the very least it's going to unlock some of the stuff that you don't need during setup. Even if it's just to slow down some random guy getting the system early and leaking everything about it.

And expect some regular updates early on. On the Wii U we got:
8 updates in the first year, 4 with new features (but at this point stability updates were pretty major)
8 updates in the second year, 4 with new features
4 updates in the third year, no new features
1 update in the fourth year, no new features

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In this day and age its almost a guarantee you will have to download some sort of update on your console, hopefully it wont be a all day thing like Wii U though, that update was brutally long.



I think too there will be based on the same thing that @skywake said (the eShop thing). But it will not be that big, and Switch will maybe be able to download it faster than Wii U too, so it should not be a big problem


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Probably , but who cares. Ill probably spend the first couple of hours shaking from the excitement of owning the switch.



I hope not see as I have no net, I just want to put it in and play lol update later but not from the get go lol


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