Topic: Connecting Switch to NAT Type D WiFi at College

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I am attempting to play Splatoon 2 at school on the WiFi and it isn’t working. I’ve heard that this is because the WiFi is NAT type D. I was wondering if there is any way I can get around this restriction?

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VPN should do the trick. If possible I'd setup a server at your parents house then VPN from inside the Uni to there.

If that's not possible you could always follow a guide to spin up a free AWS VPN. Just google that and you should get a step by step.

Found a guide on Google for the first option.

edit: is this something that a lot of people need help with?

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I had a similar problem while being connected to my mobile hotspot and/or the train's wifi. I tried several solutions - VPN included - but none of them worked. I could go online just fine and even buy gear from the stores in Splatoon 2. But I just couldn't play any matches online.

But it was only a one-off, I don't like playing on the go anyway.

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